Product Care & Use

Here are a few tips for keeping your dog safe and happy.

  • Always monitor your pet.  Dispose of small pieces promptly.
  • This toy will likely be a favorite, so you may want to designate one for each dog to keep tensions down if your dogs don't share well.  In fact, you may find that your cat has serious interest in this toy!
  • Keep the toy dry. Tanned furs turn soft again when they get wet for prolonged periods, such as being left outside.  This isn't usually any real problem, but they will begin to decompose if left wet or outside for too long (part of the biodegradable feature).   If it gets wet you can try simply air drying it.
  • Get the most out of it!  Don't just throw the hide away when the inside toys are chewed out.  Cajun has several "empty" hides she has been playing with for years! 
  • Play with your dog!  Half of the time Cajun wants to play, its not about the toy at all, it is about the interaction with family. Most people find the toy very pleasant to handle and it doesn't really feel slimy when it gets chewed up a bit.
  • It may take some time at first for your dog to warm up to this toy, we see that a lot since the toy is very different from anything they have ever been "allowed" to play with.  Most dogs won't have any problem!