Q: Will this make a mess in my house?

A:  Not as much as you might think!  Especially when compared to most present day dog toys with batting and such.  Your dog will likely leave more hair lying around by far! And dogs certainly are more smelly.  These furs don't leave any noticable odor on your hand or furniture.  The rawhides are non-staining and the pig ear strips tend to simply dissapear without a trace.  We developed this product for our dog in our home first, and we have them around all the time with no issues.  Just keep in mind, all dogs will treat them differently.

Q:  How long does the toy last?

A:  That all depends on your dog.  Some dogs don't chew the inside toys out for months, and others have them out and gone in minutes.  The hide will remain a usable toy for several years if not destroyed.  Cajun keeps several empty rabbit hides in her basket at all times!

Q:  Is this toy toxic or unsafe for my pet?

A:  Apart from choking hazards (as with all toys) it is safe.  These furs are machine tanned and not with the use of chrome or bleach.  They are  naturally white in color.  Chewing a hide is a fairly instinctual activity for a dog, so your pet should be plenty capable of navigating through this furry adventure without issues.  If your dog does show issues for any reason, STOP USE and take the toy away!  Please dispose of small pieces.  

Q: Is everything biodegradable?

A:  Almost! but not everything.  The tag is made from recycled Tyvek for durability and the squeakers are basic replacement squeakers.  We hated using the plastic, but hey, some dogs just gotta have that squeaker!

Q:  What is your return policy?

A:  Sorry, but due to the nature of our product, we don't offer returns. ALL SALES ARE FINAL ONCE SHIPPED.  However, if you feel you have received a defective item or we have made some other mistake please contact us and allow us the chance to make it right.  We do greatly hope this is a positive purchase for you.  

Q:  Why are not all the toys exactly the same size and shape?

A:  In using the recycled rabbit hide, we want to use as much of the material as possible so some hides may have minor flaws such as bald spots or tiny holes.  Just remember that these are recycled materials and the purpose of the toy is for your dog to chew at least a few holes in it.

Q: What if my dog seems shy to chew on it?

A:  Don't be suprised if your more "well-behaved" dogs seem shy to chew up the toy.  The toys are more realistic than most dogs are used to and you may need to cut a small hole in the rabbit hide to help the dog realize its ok to chew it up.

Q:  Where do the furs come from?

A:  Europe and Asia

Q:  Were any rabbits harmed in the making of this toy?

A:  Obviously, at some point a rabbit had to die to get the hide. However, all of these rabbits are already part of the agricultural industry overseas for use as a meat product.  The hides are not even considered a bi-product as having any value, and in most cases, they are wasted and never used for anything.  This is why we consider them recycled! 

Q: Where do the pig ear strips and rawhides come from.  Is it China?

A:  No, the pig ear strips and rawhides come from Brazil as many people request.